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5.2.3. Exercise 3 - Quota Controls (project)

  1. Add pquota to the mount options for your test file system. You will have to remove group quotas if set as they are not compatible with group project quotas.
  2. Create target directories
    # mkdir /mnt/xfstest/a /mnt/xfstest/b
  3. Create /etc/projects
  4. Create etc/projid
  5. Update the projects state and set project limits.
    # sudo /usr/sbin/xfs_quota -x /mnt/xfstest
    xfs_quota> project -s testproject
    xfs_quota> print
    Filesystem          Pathname
    /mnt/xfstest    /dev/hdb1 (pquota)
    /mnt/xfstest/a /dev/hdb1 (project 33, testproject)
    /mnt/xfstest/b /dev/hdb1 (project 33, testproject)
    xfs_quota> limit -p bsoft=10m bhard=20m testproject
    xfs_quota> quota -vp testproject
    Disk quotas for Project #33 (testproject)
    Filesystem         Blocks      Quota      Limit  Warn/Time      Mounted on
    /dev/hdb1            0         10240      20480   00 [--------] /mnt/xfstest