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14.4. TODO

xfsdump – Media Layout
xfsdump – Local Tape
xfsdump – Remote Tape
xfsdump – Backup to a File
xfsdump – Incremental Dumps
xfsdump – Resuming Dumps
xfsdump – Querying Dumps
xfsrestore – Local Tape
xfsrestore – Remote Tape
xfsrestore – Restore from File
xfsrestore - Interactive
xfsrestore – Cumulative

Do these still apply?

Linux xfsdump/xfsrestore does not support:
– multiple tape devices using multiple -f options
– IRIXdumpoption-z (prune large files)
– DMAPIrelatedoptionsof-a and -D
Linux xfsdump/xfsrestore does, however, have the added capabilities of
unrestricted use of the -b option for blocksize specification and remote
dumping/restoring between Linux and IRIX host