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Chapter 2. XFS Overview

2.1. XFS Filesystem Structure
2.2. Allocation Groups
2.3. Allocation Group Structure
2.4. XFS Limits
2.5. Filesystem Block Size (FSB)
2.6. Extents
2.7. Unwritten Extents
2.8. Delayed Allocation
2.9. Direct I/O
2.10. Stripe Alignment
2.11. Inodes
2.12. Directory and File Inodes
2.13. Journal Log

2.1. XFS Filesystem Structure

This section gives an overview of the structure of an XFS filesystem
More detailed examination of the filesystem structure is covered later in the course
An XFS filesystem is divided evenly into allocation groups
An allocation group can be from 16MB to 1TB in size
See xfs(5)