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Using GIT trees

XFS git howto

The Git trees are automated mirrored copied of the cvs trees using git-cvsimport. Since git-cvsimport utilized the tool cvsps to recreate the atomic commits of ptools or "mod" it is easier to see the entire change that was committed using git.

git-cvsimport generated trees.

Changes headed for the main linux 2.6 tree, manual merges.

Cloning the git trees for local use:

$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://

== XFS cvs trees

The cvs trees were created using a script that converted sgi's internal ptools repository to a cvs repository, so the cvs trees were considered read only.

At this point a new development is being managed by the git trees so the cvs trees are not longer active in terms of current development and should only be used for reference.

XFS CVS howto