Meeting notes for 2013

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Meeting of Jun 6

Attending: Carlos, Brian, Rich, Ben, Troy, Mark, Dave, Geoffrey, Andrew

  • Ben sent pull request with remaining 3.10 content
  • Dave has been focusing on a log recovery problem reported by Dave Jones, and a corruption issue reported by Sage
  • Ben is planning on pulling in crc userspace work into a 'crc-dev' branch once Dave reposts
  • Jeff had a talk at Linux Con
  • Around the table:
    • Ben: Working an NFS bug, sent pull request, runnign xfstests in the background
    • Rich: Working on a SuSE bug
    • Geoffrey: Nothing XFS related at this time
    • Mark: Parent pointers, userspace patches for CRCs, a SuSE bug
    • Andrew: Working an NFS bug
    • Dave: Log recovery issue with Dave Jones, stuff for 3.11: Inode create transaction, minor optimizations for inode creates, Doco updates for mount options in xfs.5 manpage which is shipped with xfsprogs. Slowly fixing things in CRC code
    • Brian: Helping out with reviews, working some RH internal xfs bugs
    • Carlos: Working on an issue with ACLs and set group id

Meeting of 30 May 2013

Held 3:00pm CDT

Attending: Phil White, Brian Foster, Mark Tinguely, Ben Myers, Geoffrey Wehrman, Andrew Dahl, Troy McCorkell, Rich Johnston, Dave Chinner, Eric Sandeen

  • Mark noted that he hit the BMV_DELALLOC when testing patches for 3.10-rc4. Dave mentioned that this test hangs on 32 bit machines.
  • Ben has a list of patches he's comfortable with for 3.10-rc4


  • f648167f xfs: avoid nesting transactions in xfs_qm_scall_setqlim()
  • xfs: kill suid/sgid through the truncate path.

Brian said this is low risk Dave said this should go to -stable kernels since it has potential security implications

Wanted for CRCS:

  • xfs: fix split buffer vector log recovery support

Mark says this one isn't CRC specific Dave says this has problem has been there since 2002 Ben asked does this need to go back to -stable Dave said probably not since we don't have bug reports

  • xfs: fix dir3 freespace block corruption

Dave: fix isn't for the padding but for the corruption related to the initialization. Addname_int removes initialization of a copule of fields using a dirv2 header format. Ben: So I missed the point in my review.

  • 9a5b6dee xfs: fix incorrect remote symlink block count

Ben and brian reviewed this... fairly straightforward.

  • xfs: disable swap extents ioctl on CRC enabled filesystems

Ben: this prevents crc users from corrupting their filesystems with xfs_fsr.

After discussing the patches on Ben's list, we discussed whether the rest of the queue should be pulled in for 3.10. 1) attribute related fixes, 2) fixes for quotas, 3) fixes for inode unlinked list, 4) max acl count...

Ben was resistant to pulling this work in due to the risk it poses to non-crc users. Dave and Eric wanted it pulled in. Geoffrey mentioned that the ACL update need not be tied to the CRC feature bit, and that not all users will want to use CRCs due to the performance impact.

<discussion ensued>

Actions: >>> We're going to do a pull request with the stuff BPM outlined plus the attr stuff for 3.10-rc4. >>> The inode unlinked list work and quota stuff still needs review for a pull request in 3.10-rc5.

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