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July-2007 Next round of xfs_repair(8) performance improvements (xfsprogs 2.9.2 onwards). It substantially improves the I/O performance compared to previous versions through the use of batch reads, background metadata prefetching and smart priority based libxfs caching. Lost+found behaviour has also been changed and will not re-orphan existing lost+found files.
July-2007 Added new data allocator called "filestreams" to 2.6.22 kernels. It allows a directory to reserve an allocation group for exclusive use by files created within that directory. Files being written in other directories will not use the same allocation group and so files within different directories will not interleave extents on disk. The reservation is only active while files are being created and written into the directory. Filestreams can be enabled filesystem wide with a "-o filestreams" mount option, or on a per directory basis with an xfs_io(8) chattr flag.
June-2007 Added a new tool, xfs_metadump(8), to capture the metadata of a corrupted filesystem for implementing improvements to xfs_repair(8).
May-2007 Released "Lazy Superblock Counters" which significantly improves transaction intensive workloads which operate on the free space and inode usage counters in the superblock.
March-2007 Fixed the notorious "NULL files" problem after a crash. The fix improves the syncronisation between updates of the file size and writes that extend a file.
January-2007 Added [training/index.html XFS Training course] (still under development) and the documentation for the [papers/xfs_filesystem_structure.pdf XFS ondisk format].
August-2006 Added the paper "High Bandwidth Filesystems on Large Systems" which was presented at the Ottawa Linux Symposium in July 2006.
July-2006 Several bulkstat related performance improvements, mostly improving DMAPI scans for filesystems with many millions of inodes, but also generic readahead improvements that will help other bulkstat users (e.g. xfsdump and quota).
July-2006 SLES10 is released, with full XFS and DMAPI support.
June-2006 First round of xfs_repair(8) performance improvements, and buffer/inode caching now done in libxfs in preparation for a multi-threaded version of xfs_repair at a later date.
May-2006 Additional inheritable inode flag (nodefrag) to allow specified inodes to be skipped by xfs_fsr(8).
May-2006 Updated the FAQ to discuss device write barriers.
Mar-2006 Incore extent management rework, more efficiently using memory when working with files with large numbers of extents.
Feb-2006 Per-CPU superblock accounting, improving buffered I/O throughput significantly for parallel I/O workloads.
Dec-2005 Rework the page writeout code paths within XFS to make better use of advances in 2.6 kernels (page clustering and larger block I/O requests).
Dec-2005 SLES9 Service Pack 3 released with next set of XFS updates.
Nov-2005 Support for block layer write barriers, allowing devices to be used with their write cache enabled (2.6+ kernels).
Nov-2005 Preferred extent size allocator hint for the B+ tree allocator.
Sep-2005 Support for inline extended attribute format 2, which significantly improves performance when using extended attributes. Driven by needs of the Samba folks for Samba version 4, but also helpful to many other people.
Jun-2005 Added support for project quota, and the ability to inherit project identifiers. Provides the mechanism for implementing a form of directory tree quota.
Jun-2005 Merged all XFS fixes since SP1 into SLES9 SP2. Thanks Andreas!
Jun-2005 XFS for FreeBSD website announced (an independent porting effort not sponsored by SGI), supported by FreeBSD developers Craig Rodrigues and Alexander Kabaev.
Jan-2005 Support use of 64 bit inode numbers with NFS.
Dec-2004 Added ihashsize mount option and reworked inode hash sizing algorithms for improved scalability.
Oct-2004 XFS web pages updated for the first time in several years. (*cough*)
Oct-2004 Merged all XFS fixes since 2.6.5 into SLES9 Service Pack 1. Thanks Andreas!
Feb-2004 XFS is merged into Marcelo's 2.4.25 kernel.
Dec-2003 2.6.0 kernel is released, with full XFS support.
Oct-2003 Added support for allocation groups larger than four gigabytes (up to 1 terabyte per AG supported now). Big scalability improvement for large filesystems.
Sep-2003 Additional per-inode flags introduced (immutable, append-only, noatime, nodump, sync).
Aug-2003 XFS 1.3 is released.
Apr-2003 XFS merged in Alan Cox's 2.4.21-rc1-ac3 kernel.
Feb-2003 XFS 1.2 is released.
Dec-2002 Added support for sector sizes larger than 512 bytes. Particularly useful with MD RAID5 setups, significant performance win when a sector size matching the block size is used.
Sep-2002 XFS is merged into Linus' 2.5 development tree.
Jun-2002 Added support for version 2 logs, allowing larger incore log buffers and log write alignment.
May-2002 XFS quota syscall support and VFS interfaces merged in 2.5.
Apr-2002 SuSE 8.0 is available with native XFS support.
Apr-2002 XFS 1.1 is released.
Feb-2002 Extended attribute syscalls and VFS interfaces merged in 2.5.
Nov-2001 Work starts on the 2.5 kernel tree.
Nov-2001 XFS 1.0.2 Release
Sep-2001 Mandrake 8.1 is available with native XFS support.
Jul-2001 XFS 1.0.1 Release
Jun-2001 Debian "Woody" XFS install discs are now available. Thanks Zoltan!
May-2001 XFS 1.0 patches now in the Debian testing ("Woody") distribution. Thanks again to Ed Boraas.
May-2001 XFS 1.0 patches now in the Debian unstable ("Sid") distribution. Thanks go out to Ed Boraas.
May-2001 Mandrake packages are now available, thanks to Chmouel Boudjnah.
May-2001 Debian kernel packages available from Marcos Pinto. Thanks!
May-2001 XFS 1.0 Release
Sep-2000 XFS Beta Release
Aug-2000 Initial FAQ now available, thanks to Thomas Graichen.
Jun-2000 Usenix 2000: Porting XFS to Linux talk
Jun-2000 Usenix 2000 XFS pre-beta ISO image available
Apr-2000 Web interface to CVS repository now available
Mar-2000 XFS source code officially available!