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XFS status update for February 2012

February has been been busy with development for Linux 3.3, although only little new code made it to the development tree yet, mostly a refactor of the log grant code. Patch traffic on the mailing list included a rewrite of disk quota caching, yielding dramatic performance improvements for systems with lots of quotas, a series to make all inode updates and thus all live metadata updates transactional. Last but not least a version versions to fix a long standing bug in support of the real time subvolume was posted, showing that even this long deprecated feature still has a user base.

On the userspace side development has been quite, with just two fixes to xfs_io committed to xfsprogs, while waiting for the long overdue 3.1.8 release. Xfsdump has been entirely quite this month, again waiting for a release, and xfstests saw only two commits either, although there are still lots of outstanding patches on the list that haven't been reviewed and/or applied.

XFS status update for January 2012

January saw the release of Linux 3.2, which as usual included a large number of XFS changes, most notably an large speedup for removing files that have external attribute blocks, speedups and livelock fixes for sync while doing heavy I/O, and large internal cleanups of the inode block map handling. The diffstat for XFS in Linux 3.2 is:

54 files changed, 2414 insertions(+), 2625 deletions(-)

which is slightly below the average of the last releases.

In the meantime development for 3.3 went ahead full speed, including the removal of the deprecated pre-delaylog logging code, various quota cleanups, a shrink of the inode, a great simplification of the file write path as well as the usual batch of fixes and cleanups.

On the userland side xfs_repair saw various major fixes and speedups, with few other fixes thrown in, while xfsdump got two commits fixing longer standing issues recently reported on the mailing list. For xfstests January was an extremely slow month, seeing only two new test cases and less than a handful of other updates.

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