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To Developers I am using xfs utilities xfs_db, Suppose I want to corrupt a particular inode (inode no 131 ) in the file system present then will it be possible as per the manuals blocktrash in xfs_db randomly corrupt the blocks according to the type specified but if I use the xfs_db command like this

xfs_db "blockget -i <inode number (131)> " -c "blocktrash -t inode " device name

Then can it be possibe that the block I am corrupting is for inode with number 131. If it takes random blocks (inode ) then there will be no medium to corrupt the inode of our choice

I have tried but can be able to corrupt specific Inode can anybody correct me if I am using a wrong way for corrupting the inode

Thanks & Regards Anshul Kundra

Please ask questions on the mailing lists. -- Ckujau (talk) 17:37, 15 October 2012 (UTC)
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