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XFS: Source Code [edit]

  • CVS trees
    Direct CVS access to the most recent XFS changes. See below.

Using CVS trees [edit]

The cvs trees are automated mirrors of the SGI internal ptools manage source trees.

CVS for new users contains links to general CVS documentation.

Set the CVSROOT environment variable.

$ export CVSROOT=':pserver:cvs@oss.sgi.com:/cvs'
(for sh, bash, ksh, or similar shells)
$ setenv CVSROOT :pserver:cvs@oss.sgi.com:/cvs
(for csh or tcsh shells)

Login to the CVS server (this only needs to be done ONCE, not every time you access CVS).

$ cvs login
(the password is "cvs")

Now grab the XFS source tree(s) of interest:

$ cvs checkout linux-2.6-xfs
$ cvs checkout xfs-cmds

Subsequently, you can checkout new code using:

$ cvs update -d