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The XFS team has been working on a training course aimed at developers, support staff and experienced users, that explores the internals and ondisk format of XFS.

  • XFS Overview and Internals [Index]

Barry Naujok has documented most of the XFS ondisk format, including examples on how to traverse the structure and diagnose ondisk problems:

  • XFS Filesystem Structure [pdf]

The October 2009 issue of the USENIX ;login: magazine published an article about XFS targeted at system administrators:

  • XFS: The big storage file system for Linux [pdf]

At the Ottawa Linux Symposium (July 2006), Dave Chinner presented a paper on filesystem scalability in Linux 2.6 kernels:

At linux.conf.au 2008 Dave Chinner gave a presentation about xfs_repair that he co-authored with Barry Naujok:

  • Fixing XFS Filesystems Faster [[1]]

In July 2006, SGI storage marketing updated the XFS datasheet:

  • Open Source XFS for Linux [pdf]

At UKUUG 2003, Christoph Hellwig presented a talk on XFS:

  • XFS for Linux (July 2003) [pdf] [html]

Originally published in Proceedings of the FREENIX Track: 2002 Usenix Annual Technical Conference:

  • Filesystem Performance and Scalability in Linux 2.4.17 (June 2002) [pdf]

At the Ottawa Linux Symposium, an updated presentation on porting XFS to Linux was given:

  • Porting XFS to Linux (July 2000) [html]

At the Atlanta Linux Showcase, SGI presented the following paper on the port of XFS to Linux:

  • Porting the SGI XFS File System to Linux (October 1999) [ps] [pdf]

At the 6th Linux Kongress & the Linux Storage Management Workshop (LSMW) in Germany in September, 1999, SGI had a few presentations including the following:

  • SGI's port of XFS to Linux (September 1999) [html]
  • Overview of DMF (September 1999) [html]

At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in August 1999, SGI published:

  • An Open Source XFS data sheet (August 1999) [pdf]

From the 1996 USENIX conference:

  • An XFS white paper [html]

Other historical articles, press-releases, etc

  • IBM's Advanced Filesystem Implementor's Guide has a chapter Introducing XFS [html]
  • An editorial titled Tired of fscking? Try a journaling filesystem!, Freshmeat (February 2001) [html]
  • Who give a fsck about filesystems provides an overview of the Linux 2.4 filesystems [html]
  • Journal File Systems in issue 55 of Linux Gazette provides a comparison of journaled filesystems.
  • The original XFS beta release announcement was published in Linux Today (September 2000) [html]
  • XFS: It's worth the wait was published on EarthWeb (July 2000) [html]
  • An IRIX-XFS data sheet (July 1999) [pdf]
  • The Getting Started with XFS book (1994) [pdf]
  • Original XFS design documents (1993) (ps, pdf)