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XFS mailing list

Patches, comments, requests and questions should go to linux-xfs@vger.kernel.org

As of October 1 2016, the XFS mailing list will move away from the long standing address of xfs@oss.sgi.com due to the prospective shutdown of the oss.sgi.com infrastructure.

Subscribing to the list

Details for subscribing to the list can be found at the vger list info page.

Subscribing is *only* possible by sending an email with the body:

subscribe linux-xfs

to majordomo@vger.kernel.org


Archives of both the old and new lists can be found at

Other / Older XFS archives

The list archives on oss.sgi.com are available here (MHonArc) and here (mailman). Note that as we transition away from oss.sgi.com infrastructure, these archives will go stale or disappear.

Other archives include: