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XFS: Source Code

  • CVS trees
    Direct CVS access to the most recent XFS changes. See below.

Using CVS trees

The cvs trees are automated mirrors of the SGI internal ptools manage source trees.

CVS for new users contains links to general CVS documentation.

Set the CVSROOT environment variable.

$ export CVSROOT=':pserver:cvs@oss.sgi.com:/cvs'
(for sh, bash, ksh, or similar shells)
$ setenv CVSROOT :pserver:cvs@oss.sgi.com:/cvs
(for csh or tcsh shells)

Login to the CVS server (this only needs to be done ONCE, not every time you access CVS).

$ cvs login
(the password is "cvs")

Now grab the XFS source tree(s) of interest:

$ cvs checkout linux-2.6-xfs
$ cvs checkout xfs-cmds

Subsequently, you can checkout new code using:

$ cvs update -d
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