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Chapter 8. XFS Quotas

8.1. Quotas
8.2. Quota Types
8.3. Reporting Vs Enforcement
8.4. Enforcement (Limits)
8.5. Configuring Quotas
8.6. xfs_quota
8.7. Quota Reporting
8.8. Quota Limits
8.9. Enabling/Disabling Quotas
8.10. Expert xfs commands
8.11. Generic Quota Tools
8.12. Providing user feedback
8.13. Implementation
8.14. Implementation – Project Quotas.
8.15. Quotas Ondisk
8.16. Quotas Ondisk

8.1. Quotas

Quotas provide a method for managing disk resources.
  • Quotas can be used to report on disk usage.
  • Quotas can be used to control disk usage.
Quotas manage filesystem resources in two ways.
  • by Managing Disk Space (blocks)
  • by Managing the Number of Files (inodes)
These resources can be managed on a per user, group or directory (project) basis.